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Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross


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   Wooble's Place On The Net
  10 Commandments of Love
  A Beta Sigma Phi Recipe
   A Beta Sigma Phi Timeline
   A Beta Sigma Phi Without A Pin
  A Brief Overview of the Degrees of Beta Sigma Phi
   A Candle
   A Diamond Celebration - Our Future Shines
   A Friend Is . . .
   A Garden For All Seasons
   A Gift or Favor For Your Mother's Day Social
   A Good Beta Sigma Phi
   A Good Council Representative
  A Husband's View Point
   A Journey . . A Destination . . A Beginning
   A Leader
   A Letter To Pledges
  A New Year In City Council
   A Reminder
   A Short Course In Human Relations
   A Simple Piece of String
   A Special Plan For Explaining Beta Sigma Phi To Rushees ...
  A Spring Shopping List
   A Springtime Garden of Beta Sigma Phis
   A Ticket to Life by Lynn Terry
   A Time To Pause by Lynn Terry
   A Tribute To Any Mother
   A Tribute To Friendship
   A Very Special Key
   ABC's of Rushing & Pledging
   About City Councils
   About Our Colors...
   About The Exemplar Diamond
   About The Irish
   Accent On Life
   Achievement Band
  Action - A Tool for Art of Living
Added (08/31/2016)
  Affairs of the Heart by Jack Ross
Added (08/28/2016)
   All About Strawberries
  An Envoy Ritual
  An Exemplar Looks At Life by Ora Capelli
  An Open Letter To All New Presidents
  Anniversary Thoughts by Lynn Terry
Added (08/29/2016)
   Are You A Shining Link?
   Ask Maggie - About City Council Involvement
   Ask Maggie - Chapter Procedure
   Ask Maggie - Valentine Queen & Woman of the Year
   Ask Maggie - What Is Expected Of A Member
   Ask Maggie - What is expected of a member of Beta Sigma Phi when she joins sorority?
   Assessing Your Leadership Effectiveness
   Attitude - Ten Traits of a Positive Thinker
   Attitude Rummage Sale
   Babies and Small Children at Meetings
   Badge/Degree Pin
   Basic Agenda For Regular Beta Sigma Phi Meetings
   Beginning Day
   Beginning Day - On the road with Beta Sigma Phi
   Beginning Day - Some History and background about Beginning Day
  Beta Sigma Phi Bed and Breakfast
  Beta Sigma Phi Crosses Another Border
Added (08/25/2016)
   Beta Sigma Phi Crossword Review
   Beta Sigma Phi Crossword Review - Answers
   Beta Sigma Phi Find A Word Puzzles
   Beta Sigma Phi Goes International
  Beta Sigma Phi Grace
  Beta Sigma Phi IN MEMORIAM
   Beta Sigma Phi Philosophy and Code of Conduct
   Beta Sigma Phi Traditions
   Book Of Beta Sigma Phi and Invitation To Life
   Bossism vs. Leadership
  Bride's Ritual
   Can You Recognize A Beta Sigma Phi?
   Career Chapters
   Chapter and Council Elections: Vote For Success
   Chapter Committee Planning Sheet
   Chapter Election Procedures
   Chapter Etiquette
  Chapter Interest Indicators and Checklist
   Chapter Organization
   Checklist - EXEMPLAR RITUAL
   Checklist - LAUREATE RITUAL
   Checklist - MASTER RITUAL
   Checklist - PLEDGE RITUAL
  Checklist for Rushing
   Christmas - A Christmas Ornament
   Christmas - Eight Gifts That Don't Cost A Cent
   Christmas - How The Torch Was Born
   Christmas - The Legend of the Christmas Spider
   Christmas - The Little Star
   Christmas - The Spirit of Beta Sigma Phi
   Colors - About Our Colors...
   Colors - "Our Colors of Tradition"
   Colors - The Colors
   Colors - The Red Of The Flame
   Colors - The Yellow Of The Flame
   Colors - The Blue Of The Flame
   Colors - The Green Of The Flame
   Colors - The Orange Of The Flame
   Colors - The Violet Of The Flame
   Colors - Understanding Our Rituals
   Colors of Friendship
   Committee Planning & Action
   Committee Symbols
   Committee Timeline
   Committees - Membership Committee reports at every meeting
   Committees - Program Committee encourages cultural enrichment
   Committees - Publicity Committee informs public of BSP happenings
   Committees - Service Committee helps members help others
   Committees - Social Committee plans for economy & enjoyment
   Committees - Ways & Means Committee avoid$ exce$$ive expen$e$
Added (08/29/2016)
   Corresponding Secretary Guide
  Decade Ritual
   Difference between the Preceptor Degree Ritual & the Ritual of Attributes
   Diotima (cover clip art)
   Diotima - And So To Plato By Helena Carus, International Honorary Member
   Diotima - Diotima of Mantinea
   Diotima - Helena Carus - Intimate of Diotima
   Diotima - The Legend of Diotima
   Diotima - Who Is Diotima (includes clip art)
   Do You Know The Greek Alphabet?
   Do You Know The Greek Alphabet? - Solution
   Easter - The Tradition of the Egg
  Elections - What To Look For
  Embroidered Memories
Added (08/29/2016)
   Enjoy Your Model Meeting
  Envoy Club International
  Envoy Facts
   Everybody ...
  Farewell Ritual
   Five Kinds of Friends
   For Mother's Day
  Founder's Columns #1 - Questions You Have Asked #1
  Founder's Columns #2 - Questions You Have Asked #2
   Founder's Day
   Founder's Day - A Guide to Beta Sigma Phi Etiquette
   Founder's Day - A Journey . . A Destination . . A Beginning
   Founder's Day - Ask Maggie - Valentine Queen & Woman of the Year
   Founder's Day - How's Your Jewelry
   Founder's Day - Let Me Introduce Myself
   Founder's Day - On the road with Beta Sigma Phi
   Founder's Day - Other Founder's Day (Messages from the Founder of Beta Sigma Phi)
   Founder's Day - Popping the Cork!
   Founder's Day - Propriety
   Founder's Day - "Thank You, Mr. Ross" by Lynn Terry
   Founder's Day - The Founder's Award
   Founder's Day - Tributes to and Examples for Selecting Woman of the Year
   Founder's Day - We Remember Our First Members
   Founder's Day - Woman of the Year Pin
   Founder's Day History by Lynn Terry
   Founder's Day Poem - "To The New Pledges"
   Founder's Day Poem - "Yesterday Once More"
   Friend of Kindness
   Friendship Pledge - Candle Ceremony
   Friendship Is ...
   Friendship Is A Priceless Gift
   From Our Founder
   Gateway to Friendship
   Getting To Know You
   Gifts Without Ribbons
   Give The Gifts Of Sisterhood
  Golden Circle Checklist
   Greek Alphabet
   Growing Into Our Art by Lynn Terry
   Guidelines For Honors - Valentine Queen (Sample)
   Guidelines For Honors - Woman Of The Year (Sample)
   Guidelines for Running Effective Meetings
Added (08/29/2016)
   Happy Birthday, Beta Sigma Phi!
   Here's To Beta Sigma Phi
   Honor Mothers With Ritual
   How Do You Rate In Your Chapter Discussions?
  How Friendly is Too Friendly?
Added (08/25/2016)
   How God Made Butterflys
   How Strong Is Your Chapter?
   How To Avoid Decisions
   How to Contact a Transferee
  How To Preserve A Husband
   How To Use "Penpoint Prospective Members" Bulletin
   How To Wear Your Pin
   How's Your Jewelry
   I Am A Sorority Badge
   I Carry A Torch by Lynn Terry
   Ideas for Decorating with a Torch!
   In Honor of Friendship
   Instructions On How To Make Beta Sigma Phi Wuppets
  Is It Pinkies? Or Is It Hands?
Added (08/25/2016)
  Jewel of Phi
Added (08/28/2016)
  Keep to a Happy Membership
Added (08/29/2016)
   Keeping Everyone Interested
  Keys to Happy Membership
Added (08/29/2016)
   Legacies at Meetings
   "Legend of the Five Kernels"
  Let It Blow by Jack Ross
Added (08/28/2016)
   Let Me Introduce Myself
   Let's Take A Look At Ourselves
   Life Is No Brief Candle
  Living in Your World By Jack Ross
Added (08/28/2016)
   Love Letters
   Lynn Terry by Amy Wykes
   Lynn Terry - We Remember Lynn Terry
   Lynn Terry and Beta Sigma Phi ...
   Lynn Terry's A Time To Pause
   Lynn Terry's Comments On The Rituals
   Lynn Terry's Growing Into Our Art
   Lynn Terry's I Carry A Torch
   Lynn Terry's Rituals
   Lynn Terry tells about A Ticket to Life
   Lynn Terry's The Living Masterpiece
   Lynn Terry's The Spirit of Beta Sigma Phi

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