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Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

"Thank You, Mr. Ross" by Lynn Terry



And Swift says, "There are some things that must be spiritually discerned and appreciated."

I cannot imagine what my life would have been without Beta Sigma Phi. I cannot imagine any other association that could have given me so much in continuing satisfaction, endearing loyalty, congenial friendship, and an ever-present but never "preachy" reminder of those values and ideals which do most to make any life worth living.

Beginning at a time when material values had been deflated and economic "security" reduced to a myth by the great depression of the early 30´s, it bravely offered the only real values and securities anyone can know, those values and securities inherent in us and capable of expression in our lives. It offered us an ideal, and a challenge to believe in that ideal and to make it a reality.

It spoke to us of LOVE, and of BEAUTY, and of TRUTH, and in the speaking of these things it filled our hearts with desire for these, the best of all possible goods. It offered us the eternal verities, and there was that in each mind and heart which understood. These were the things worthwhile.

Those who had lost "their all" in trusted investments soon saw that their all had not yet been invested. They still had themselves. They still had a life. Turning to these they found in their pocket the coins to be used.

They were marked Faith, Courage, Learning, Vision, Love, Friendship and Joy. Not a coin could be lost; no investment could "go sour." What magic was this?

Life became not a business but an art. As artists these people knew the importance of tools, of practice, of perseverance for the sake of high goals.

So I muse. Then I smile and ask why I tell you this. You, who know. You, who walk by the same torch. You, who practice the same art. You, who are Beta Sigma Phi.

Communicants, then, you and I. And together each year in one certain day, we make that communion together, and give special thanks and ask special blessing for the one who was first to offer this way where we could be together.

For you, the one who was first to believe . . . the one whose spiritual discernment and appreciation has given us Beta Sigma Phi -- a good man, Walter W. Ross.

...from THE TORCH, April 1958...


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