The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

The Colors
(From the October 1962 issue of The Torch)
Paraphrased by Marilyn Ross

 While the symbolic torch has long served to guide members in making an art of living, it is especially significant this 2003-2004 sorority year, with the theme, "Colors of Friendship." Walter W. Ross, Founder of Beta Sigma Phi, wrote the following timeless piece in a message to the members in our Silver Anniversary year. Other thoughts reviewing one of the ideals symbolized in the torch's rays were written by favorite contributing writers to our magazine and can be found in The Strawberry Patch under the name of the color:

  The Red Of The Flame
  The Yellow Of The Flame
  The Blue Of The Flame
  The Orange Of The Flame
  The Green Of The Flame
  The Violet Of The Flame

 From our Founder, Walter W. Ross:

 "There will be those whose lives touch yours who are facing fear, real or imaginary. They will come to you in their desperation, for you know the Red of the Flame that is Courage.

 There are always people in any community who want so much to be somebody, but never make it. They may have great potential power, but it is going in the wrong direction. You can help them because you know the Blue of the Flame is Humility.

 In your community and neighborhood activities, your church, school, business and social organizations there comes a time when all plans perish and frustration sets in. They can safely look to your guidance because you know the Yellow of the Flame is Vision.

 The need to belong, to be wanted, to share, to give, is inherent in every human being. You have the strength of a citadel and will be a supreme example for all of those, since the Green of the Flame is Fellowship.

 To stand for an ideal, to guard it, to place it above self is a quality that has written some of the greatest pages of history. You are the custodian in your community of this great quality, for the Orange of the Flame is Loyalty.

 As a Beta Sigma Phi you have become an acknowledged leader in helping others. People will look to you for leadership and will follow in this respect because you know the Violet of the Flame is Service."

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