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Attitude - Ten Traits of a Positive Thinker


A belief in and expectation of positive outcomes, even in the face of difficulty, challenge or crisis.
ENTHUSIASM: Having high levels of interest, positive energy, or personal motivation.
BELIEF: Trusting in oneself, others, and God to provide support and guidance.
INTEGRITY: Acting on a personal commitment to honesty, openness, and fairness, living by and for standards.
COURAGE: Willingness to take risks and overcome fears, even when the outcome is uncertain.
CONFIDENCE: Being personally assured of one's own abilities, capabilities, and potential.
DETERMINATION: Tireless pursuit of a goal, purpose or cause.
PATIENCE: Willingness to wait for opportunity, readiness or results from self and others.
CALMNESS: Maintaining serenity and seeking balance day-to-day in response to difficulty, challenge or crisis.
FOCUS: Directed attention through the setting of goals and priorities.

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