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Committee Planning and Action


 (a) It finds out what activities the chapter would like; either by questionnaire from each member or by pooling the ideas of the committee members, instead of by discussion at a chapter meeting.

NOTE: Having all members at a chapter meeting enter into discussion of details is usually considered wasted time and effort and frequently results in nobody knowing what has actually been decided. If members wish to have some part of the committee's suggested plan changed, they should give their suggestions briefly. If the rest of the chapter agrees, the committee will look into the suggestion and report back.

 (b) It finds out what facilities in the community are open to the chapter. (For example, Social committee should keep up on what plays or special events are coming, or places to hold parties, etc.; Service committee contacts welfare agencies to know where service is needed, or may contact civic agencies to see with what civic projects the chapter can help; Ways and Means committee keeps its eyes and ears open for money raising project possibilities.)


 In committee meeting, a suggested plan for coming activities is drawn up. This plan would not be detailed until approved by the chapter, but for the most part would give just:

 Type of activity
Suggested place
Suggested date (approximate)

 The schedule should be drawn up for a minimum of three months in advance, preferably for six months or even a year's calendar may be tentatively planned at one time.


 The Chairman would report to the chapter something like this: "The committee thought the chapter would like the following calendar of activities for the coming months ... outline your schedule ... We will be reporting to the chapter in detail, before the time for these activities, to let you know the exact time and other details, if you approve these plans in general. If any member's wish to make suggestions for entertainment, refreshments, etc. at any activity, the committee will welcome the suggestions."

 Chapter then votes to approve the schedule or ask the committee to change any part of it, so that the committee can go ahead and make definite plans. Chapter should not hold long discussion about details. Instead, members ideas may be briefly given to the committee to be worked out and later reported to the chapter.


 When it comes time to put the plans for special events into action, the committee may divide:

  • one or two members to look after transportation
  • one or two to look after refreshments
  • others to plan entertainments, etc.
  • In this phase of committee action or work, the chairman may ask for extra members to help. Chairman should ask the President to appoint other members to help the committee temporarily. In some cases the whole chapter likes to work on the activity.

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