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Committees - Social Committee plans for economy & enjoyment


 Because Beta Sigma Phi is basically a social and cultural organization and every phase of the sorority has some social aspect, the work of the social committee is extremely important. Beginning work soon after its appointment, the committee should plan a calendar of monthly social events to be adopted by the chapter and included in the yearbook.

 While some socials will be for members only and others will include husbands and families, all events should reflect the member´s tastes and desires to assure both good attendance and enjoyment that reflect the SPIRIT AND PURPOSES OF BETA SIGMA PHI. [refer to Member Interest Survey]

 Keeping social events as inexpensive as possible will aid attendance and provide an easier social relationship in the chapter. Because the chapter´s social events will touch on the life and outside activities of each member, care must be taken to provide maximum enjoyment while placing minimum strain on family responsibilities.

 Planning ahead is the only way to enjoy your own party, and detailed planning for each social event should be done as early as possible with the committee double-checking on refreshments, invitations, decorations, name tags, etc. [refer to attached planning sheet] AVOID LAST-MINUTE DETAILS AT ALL COSTS!

 Be good to the hostess! Because many events are held in members´ homes, the social committee should make every effort to assist the hostess (without taking over her role) and respect her wishes, time and efforts. The event should be planned to take full advantage of the facilities available and of the hostess´ special talents, yet she must not be left to do all the work of preparing, serving and cleaning up afterward.

 By checking with the program committee, some social events may be planned around cultural programs. And because rush parties are definitely social, the committee should work with the vice president to coordinate and schedule all rush events and take advantage of International´s rush party ideas.

 One important responsibility of this committee is to extend those special courtesies on behalf of the chapter to the bride-to-be, the new mother, those who are sick and those who have cause to be consoled or congratulated!

 The knowledge that it has helped foster the deep and lasting friendship of Beta Sigma Phi is the social committee´s reward for effective planning and follow-through.


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