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Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

The Tradition of the Egg
Author Unknown

"There is a great and beautiful tradition that
has come down to us through the ages:
The Tradition of the Egg.

Long, long before the Easter Story was known to
man it played a very important part in the daily
life of the Old World. In many Eastern countries
this tradition was (and still is) honored.
"The Egg is the Source of Life."

Such a gift -- beautifully painted or encrusted
with gold and jewels was given to the newly married
to insure fertility; to the very young -- as a symbol
of Love and Security -- and even to the bereaved to
let them know that friends were with them in Darkness
as well as Sunshine -- and to insure the happy reincarnation
of the departed one.

As a gift from Friend to Friend -- it showed simply the
Affection and respect
that lay in the heart of the giver.

It is a tradition of our ancestors, too fine,
too simply beautiful to be lost in the chaotic
turmoil of progress that we call civilization.

Let us then revive it, and cherish its meaning
in memory of the Dignity and Integrity of our


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