The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross


A Beta Sigma Phi without a Pin? Did she lose it, you ask? No, in this case it is the member who is lost, not the pin. You all know her. In fact, you like her very much. Won't you help find her?

She is petite and adorable with all the grace and dignity of her tall beauty. She has reddish blonde hair and blue eyes that set off perfectly her clear-skinned brunette beauty.

Her clothes are suitable to her charming personality--ruffles, lots of sparkle--and always they are severely plain and tailored. You see her every day for she has the interesting job in the office on the floor below--and you love to watch her eager smile and sparkling eyes as she sits down at the desk opposite you each morning. She's popular with everyone, and she loves to entertain. She's the one, you know, that has that darling modernistic apartment downtown that she shares with her college roommate. And everyone welcomes one of her shy invitations to come to her big old fashioned home for the weekend. She commutes daily for she loves living in the picturesque rambling family home with her parents, two brothers and sister.

She graduated from the State University with an A.B. degree in sociology which helped her very much in her service work, for she had to go to work as soon as she had finished high school.

Yes, the Beta Sigma Phi without a pin is all around you. She is the woman next door, the gal in your Sunday School Class, the one who smiles at you on the bus each day. She is recognizable immediately for her friendliness, her dignity and her charm.

March and October are International Rush Months! Why not look about you and see just how many of these women you, personally, can change to Beta Sigma Phis with pins! See how many of them you can call "Sister" on that momentous night of Beta Sigma Phi's birthday celebration - Founder's Day, April 30th!

Give these Beta Sigma Phis without pins the opportunities you have enjoyed. Offer them what was once offered to you. Share your Sisterhood with them! Make them Beta Sigma Phis with pins!

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