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...Script of Chapter President...

NOTE: Chapter (and City Council) business meetings are a means to an end and the things that make them exciting are that they are short, to the point, decisive, and leave members with the feeling that the end result, the accomplishment of whatever is being planned, is being reached quickly. If time is spent on relatively small details which the committees should be entrusted to work out, the business meeting becomes dull, long drawn out, and drains off the enthusiasm for the project at hand. Officers and committees contribute to an effective business meeting by being prepared with agenda and reports. All members contribute to a good business meeting by understanding the order of business, when discussions should take place and by making written note of decisions, assignments and the where and when of any coming activities.

The President prepares an Agenda before each meeting. This makes it easy for the President to conduct an orderly, brief meeting.

It follows the order of business as given in the Book of Beta Sigma Phi.

When the President knows of anything special to be brought up under any of the 16 points on the Agenda, she writes it in as she plans.

The Recording Secretary should remind the President of anything carried over from the last meeting so it can be written in on the Agenda ahead of time.
On the basic Agenda given below, the actual words that a President uses to introduce each point are given in quotation marks. Where necessary, brief explanations for the handling of that point are in parentheses.

1. "Meeting will Please come to order. May we stand and repeat together the Opening Ritual."
2. "The Secretary will call the roll."
(If the Recording Secretary is absent, the President appoints someone to take the minutes and the roll call.)
3. "The Secretary will read the minutes of the last meeting."
(Recording Secretary reads.)

"Are there any corrections?" (Pause)

"If not, the minutes stand approved as read."
(If there are any corrections, they are made and the President then says,)

"The minutes stand approved as corrected."
4. "Is there any official communications from our International Office?"
(All Officers should know that mail received form International is intended for the chapter and it should be presented at the first meeting after it has been received.)
5. "Are there any other communications to be brought before the chapter?"
(The Secretary reads them. If any action is necessary the Secretary may put it in the form of a motion or the President may ask for a motion. When the President states the motion to the chapter, she asks, "Is there any discussion?" At the end of the discussion, President restates the motion and calls for vote.)
6. "The Vice President, who is official chapter hostess, will introduce our guests and transferees."
7. "May we have the Treasurer's report."
(Report is given.)

"Are there any corrections?" . . . .

"If not, the report will be placed on file subject to audit."
(Notice: The Treasurer's report is placed on file subject to audit. It is not approved because if any mistakes come to light later, you want to be able to correct them.)
8. "May we have the report of the Executive Board Meeting?"
(Executive Board minutes are not read. The Recording Secretary gives a report of the meeting. If recommendations are made, they need chapter approval and should be presented for chapter vote at this time.)

"Are there reports from any other Officer?" (For example: Extension Officer)

"May we have the report from the City Council Representative on the City Council meeting?" (If applicable.)
9. "May we have the reports of the Standing Committees as they are called?"











(* Denotes major committee.)

(As each committee report is given, if a recommendation needs action, the member giving the report may put the recommendation in the form of a motion. President says . . . "It has been moved that . . . Is there any discussion?" If there is no discussion, or at the end of the discussion, the President calls for the vote.)
10. "Are there any reports from the Special Committees?"
(Handle the same as above.)
11. "Is there any unfinished business?"
(It is called unfinished business, not old business.)
12. "Is there any new business?"
(New business is the last point on the agenda for your business meeting. When it is complete, the President will say . . .)
13. "Is there any further business to be brought before the meeting?"

Next meeting will be _______________ at _______________ -
(date) (place)

"The business meeting is adjourned."
14. New chapters will want to use the time following the meeting for Pledge Training, led by the Vice President (or Pledge Trainer.) Pledge Training will take about 20-30 minutes. Long established chapters would do Pledge Training at some other time than following regular chapter meetings.
15. "The Program Committee will now conduct the cultural program."
(At the end of the program, the Program Chairman will say, "Madam President, that concludes the Program for this evening.")
16. "May we now stand and join together in repeating the Closing Ritual?"

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