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The Founder's Award

What is it?

 Every year on Founder's Day it is the pleasure and privilege of the International Executive Council of Beta Sigma Phi to present awards at Founder's Day in memory of our Founder and in honor of outstanding Beta Sigma Phis who have made a major contribution to the betterment of the organization within the past sorority year.

Who gives it?

 Walter W. Ross III, Chairman of the Board of The International Executive Council and in its behalf, signs and sends the Founder's Awards and is proud to present them to the following:

Who receives it?
 Convention Chairmen
 Convention Co-Chairmen
 International Honorary Members
 International Award of Distinction Members
 Sixty and Seventy Year members
 Members with Perfect Attendance for 25 years or more
 Members who have given Distinguished service and
 shown exemplary leadership in Beta Sigma Phi

Who/How/When is it presented?

 Founder's Awards are sent to the City Council President (or Chapter President if no council exists) to be presented during the Founder's Day Celebration. Either she or someone specially invited to do so, make the presentations knowing these awards, recognizing the very best of Beta Sigma Phi, will play an important part of the Founder's Day program.

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