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Your official jewelry marks you as a member of a globe-circling sorority whose ideals command respect and admiration wherever you go. Members wear their sorority jewelry with pride, and with respect for the achievements of the thousands of other Beta Sigma Phis who also wear it.

The pledge pins and degree pins (or badges) are worn over the heart. These pins, which symbolize advancement in Beta Sigma Phi, are worn on dresses or blouses. To show respect for the badge, members do not pin it to outer garments, such as coats and suit jackets which they will remove. If a suit is worn without a blouse, it is appropriate to pin the badge on the jacket.

It is proper to wear the badge with daytime wear. The members' judgment will indicate when the degree of casualness calls for leaving the badge in the jewelry case. Badges are appropriate with formal wear when the occasion is a ritual or other Beta Sigma Phi function where only members attend.

Special guards, which a member may earn the right to wear (for example, a president's gavel guard) are pinned below and centered between the 'Phi' of the badge and the torch guard. These special guards may be transferred from one badge to another as the member advances in degrees.

The badge of Beta Sigma Phi is an emblem of membership in our Sisterhood and is to be worn, always, over the heart. It is not considered a piece of jewelry, and to wear it around the neck or on the arm as a part of a bracelet would tend to divest it of the esteem in which it is held by the membership.

While the badges are worn on a dress or blouse, the Crest Recognition Pin is especially suitable for a coat collar or suit jacket. This pin comes with a pin or post back.

There is no special position for pinning the Order of the Rose pin. Members who have earned the right to wear this emblem through long and outstanding service may choose to use it as a brooch or as a pendant for a necklace.

The silver achievement band is worn as a bracelet on either arm. It is attractive and appropriate with any attire. Members may attach the individual 'hearts' and 'stars' accessories to the links in the order they wish.


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