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Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

How's Your Jewelry
by Anne Fisher
From the Anniversary Issue of The Torch - April, 1954
Paraphrased by Marilyn Ross

April's here again; the anniversary of the founding of Beta Sigma Phi. Sorority sisters all over the world are planning for "Founder's Day." Some, who are to make speeches, are perhaps having a flutter of butterflies in the region of the solar plexus! Let's take a look and find out about this magic word "Founder" which has brought so much into our lives.

To found means to establish, to begin something. First comes the idea. All things from kitchen gadgets to great organizations must come from an idea in the human mind.

So -- Mr. Ross got his idea, then gathered other folks with ideas around him to help make his idea something tangible, something living -- and Beta Sigma Phi came into being. This was done during a depression when the need to "look up", to "face the stars" was so greatly needed in a discouraged world.

One man with an idea! When this writer hears folks talking about the state of the world and saying "It's a mess, but what can I do -- one person?" She remembers that one man with an idea has brought happiness, learning and friendship to thousands and thousands of women - women we call "Sisters in Beta Sigma Phi".

But "founder" has another meaning, too! To founder means to be cast down, to sink. A ship founders when it becomes water-logged.

For each of us each day can be a "Founder's Day", to make a fresh new beginning. This is a new day - today. We can only have this glory when we look up and spend the precious hours of today to the best advantage.

Hours are like jewels; some are sparkling diamonds that glint and reflect joy in the heart and mind and shine out through us to bless all in our world.

There are deep emerald moments; those quiet calm times when we look into the eyes of a friend and find there the need for encouragement and understanding - and we supply that need and go on our way.

Sapphire days are filled with inspiration and new ideas and we ride on the crest of the wave and we carry our friends along with us - to be inspired too!

Have you ever had a ruby time in your life, when your heart was filled to bursting with the warm steady flow of love? You knew then that your love was shining out through your eyes because folks smiled back at you. "For all the world loves a lover" because a lover exudes love -- he can't help it.

There are pearls too -- those moments of deep poise and contentment that bring such rich rewards in living.

So many jewels must go into the fashioning of a life. Let's go into the vault of our minds and take a look at the personal jewelry we've been carrying along with us as we have lived our days -- with an idea of changing the design a bit here and there -- to produce a beautiful gleaming masterpiece.

Each day is a new day -- a Founder's Day!

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