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How to Avoid Decisions

Want to avoid making a decision? Here are 20 ways.

Hopefully, you have not heard any member of your Chapter or City Council say these!

Perhaps better titles would be:
 ' How To Strangle A Chapter '
 ' How To Discourage Others '

 1) We tried that before.
 2) We've never done it that way before!
 3) I know someone (in another chapter) who tried it.
 4) We've always done it this way.
 5) It's too radical a change.
 6) We did all right without it.
 7) Our situation is different.
 8) We lack authority to change.
 9) We don't have the time.
 10) Not enough help.
 11) It costs too much.
 12) It isn't in the budget.
 13) We're not ready for that.
 14) Let's put it in writing. *
 15) We should test it first.
 16) A committee should study it. *
 17) Let's give it more thought. *
 18) You're right, but . . .*
 19) Good thought, but impractical.
 20) It can't be done.

* These thoughts could be practical if they were used as constructive thinking to reach a goal instead of used to sidetrack an idea.

Dear Maggie,
 I have a good idea I would like to share with my chapter. How should it be presented so that I do not waste precious meeting time?

Dear Thinking,
 You could call the appropriate committee chairman and present it to her. If it is an idea that doesn't fit in any committee, then it might be brought up under "new business". Hang in there! Sharing ideas is what makes a chapter and City Council great!

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