The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross


A garden in which nothing grows but yellow roses, while lovely at first glance, would lack interest and the onlooker would soon grow tired and turn her attention to something else.

Select your flowers for their various attributes, let their variances guide you in making your Chapter membership a "garden" of interest--one that will pique your curiosity and challenge your attention to the point you feel you can't afford to miss a single moment of enjoying it!

In every Chapter garden there should be the sturdy ZINNIA . . . . Colorful and dependable, and requiring very little nurturing. . . .

The tall and graceful POPPY, flamboyant in bright red, adding excitement in the garden, but wilting quickly when taken away. . . .

The shy little VIOLET that comes back to you year after year, but shares its loveliness only if you seek it out. . . .

The happy DAISY, pure in its glistening white, dancing in the wind and seemingly laughing aloud. . . .

Then there is the SWEET PEA, delicate and sweet, but clinging to the support of another.

Of course, no garden would be complete without the "LATE COMERS!" The shaggy CHRYSANTHEMUM and the lovely ASTER that blooms late and revives interest in the garden all over again.

Busy, chattering little groups of NASTURTIUMS with their heads close together;

dependable FOUR-O'CLOCKS that never miss lending their uniform beauty exactly on schedule;

and the SNAPDRAGON with its snapping little jaws that amuse but do not bruise;

and of course, the ROSE whose "touch-me-not" thorns may frighten away the timid, but who is soft and lovely and friendly once the thorns are removed.

All these, and many more, you should seek for your Garden of Friendship. April is the month for planting your garden.

Don't leave any "lonely little PETUNIAS in an onion patch." Transplant them to your garden and watch them bloom!

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