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Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

Beta Sigma Phi Philosophy and Code of Conduct


We shall, as sisters in Beta Sigma Phi, put into practical and daily use the graces with which we are all so bountifully endowed.

We shall always serve as a model of Beta Sigma Phi friendliness, loveliness and social respectability. In being pledged into membership, we accept the responsibility of holding high the Beta Sigma Phi standard of conduct, knowing that our own conduct will reflect upon over 250,000 other women.

We will be grateful for the many opportunities that sorority life will bring to develop our tolerance, graciousness and appreciation of other personalities.

We will practice courtesy and friendliness at all times. When meeting Beta Sigma Phis anywhere, we´ll smile and say "hello."

At chapter meetings, we will consider it an opportunity to introduce ourselves, individually, to our outside speakers, regarding it a privilege to tell them of the enjoyment that they have afforded us. In as much as they have given freely of their knowledge and time, our expression of appreciation will mean much to them.

Although our guests are presented during the meeting, we will personally and individually bid them welcome at the first opportunity after the meeting. We will not smoke during business meetings or cultural programs because of our sincere respect for the one presiding and for those who do not smoke. We know that there will be a period available at which time smoking is in order.

So that we may give undivided attention to the proceedings, we will not busy ourselves with any other activity (crafts) during the meeting. Neither will we engage in criticism or idle gossip at any time.

We will never accept responsibility without the definite thought of following through with it to the end. Should some unforeseen circumstance prevent us from doing so, we will immediately request the Executive Board to appoint someone else in our place.

We will endeavor at all times to show our thoughtfulness by being liberal and free with wholesome praise for things well done by any other members, for that clever party, the good program or the original idea.

In like manner, we will each, individually, express our appreciation to our hostess before leaving any home.

We will be unhurried in our thinking and speaking. We will listen when others are expressing their thoughts, and only when they are finished will we contribute our thoughts, knowing that they will be just as graciously considered.

We will practice genuine and habitual politeness with family, friends, business associates and public contacts alike. We need not raise our voice or impose upon others our personal judgment or better way of doing things. Neither need we interrupt when others are engrossed in thought, conversation or work.

With our greater tolerance for our fellow beings, we shall know that "all are created equal" and, regardless are all endowed with some knowledge and individual experience that the other many not have yet attained. This understanding will tend to bring out the best that is in us, as well as the best that is in all those with whom we come in contact.


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