The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross


 Ritual Cloth
 Black vase
 Yellow roses - 1 per Pledge
 Ritual Book
 6 black candle holders
 6 black candles . . . (accepted option: white candles)
 Pledge pins attached to short, narrow 1/4" black & gold ribbons - 1 per Pledge
 Black construction paper shield, OR small silver serving tray (for pledge pins)
 8" (or shorter) yellow pledge candles - 1 per pledge
 Candle protectors - black circle with gold doily
 2 door attendants (attends Pledges throughout the Ritual)
 Music (refer to Ritual Book) or, use favorite classical CD's
 2 assistants (hold lighted white candles at Ritual Table)
 3 identical lists of Pledges' names - arranged in order of entrance to the table
 Short yellow candles with candle protectors - for each member present
 Straight pins
 Name tags
 Arrange for car-pooling
 2 white candles with protectors (white circle with white doily) for assistants to hold

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