The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

Yesterday Once More

Author: Unknown

Read all about it;
It's 1931,
And, we're here to shout about it!

Hoover is the President;
Curtis the Vice--
Spain is now a republic;
Isn't that nice?!!

The Star Spangled Banner
'Oh Say Can you see'
Is adopted as the anthem
In our history.

Comics are a craze
Dick Tracy is uncanny;
Joined by the likes of
Little Orphan Annie.

April 30th is here;
So, let's not falter
Mitzi Gaynor is born
Along with Barbara Walters.

A new flick is out
That could give you a start;
Don't see Frankenstein,
If you have a bad heart!!

On the radio
Kate Smith sings us a tune;
Heart throb Bing Crosby
Begins to croon.

Bathing in the sun
Is now a fad
Backless suits appear
To drive men mad!

Just for the ladies
Here comes Beta Sigma Phi
Life, Learning and Friendship;
Give it a try.

A little trip to yesteryear;
Hope we weren't a bore
Glad to be a part of it--

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