The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

How Do You Rate In Your Chapter Discussions?
as a leader . . .

F Serves as a hostess helping to create an atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable and free to contribute her best thinking to the discussion.
F Understands that leadership passes around a group, and is not vested in one individual.
F Is a good group member.
F Helps the group to define the topic at hand, decide upon possible steps to be taken in pursuing the topic, move toward a conclusion.
F Helps to keep discussion on the subject and tries to finish one point before moving to another.
F Guides the group to be practical and specific, instead of dealing entirely with generalities.
F Encourages all members to contribute to the discussion and yet not monopolize it.
F Is sensitive to individual and group needs.
F Helps to clarify and verbalize consensus, when necessary.
F Helps to coordinate ideas and resolve conflicts within the group.
F Summarizes when necessary.
F Has knowledge of resource personnel and facilities which might be useful to the group.

as a group member . . .

F Has respect for other persons and their ideas, appreciates individual differences, has a fundamental belief in the worth and dignity of human beings.
F Has a conviction that people thinking together can usually reach a higher quality of thinking than can any one person alone.
F Understands that leadership exists in every member of the group and that the entire group, not the leader alone, is responsible for the success or failure of the discussion.
F Feels a genuine responsibility to participate.
F Does not feel personally offended if someone disagrees with something she has said. Feels that once she has expressed an idea, it is no longer her own, but the group's, to be viewed along with other ideas which have been pooled for group consideration.
F Contributes her unique expressions to the group thinking, does not withhold valuable information.
F Is willing to discipline self in amount of contribution, does not monopolize.
F Tries to communicate clearly, briefly, and to the point under consideration.
F Listens attentively to what others say, tries to understand them.
F Helps to clarify, helps to summarize.
F Understands that group thinking functions best in an atmosphere where there is free interchange of contributions among group members - that is, no one has to ask for recognition from the chair.
F Is alert to any small service she can perform to make the group more comfortable, such as adjusting a window or closing the door.

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