The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross


 There is a tradition, not in words, but woven into the tapestry of Beta Sigma Phi that is, perhaps, a summing of all the others.

 In Invitation to Life, our Founder wrote a dedication to us . . .

 His words:

 "To you, the friendliest
 the loveliest-minded and
 the most socially respected-
 The Members of Beta Sigma Phi."

 If we accept these words as true, and they are, we have a responsibility to look the part. Many judgments of our sisterhood are made on appearance. The well wrapped package always makes us eager to know the contents! I'm not talking about designer-labels. There is nothing wrong and a lot that is right with those - if your budget can cover them.

 What I am talking about is neatness, good grooming and making the best of what we are, where we are.

 Propriety - what is appropriate for the occasion . . .

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