The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

Ideas for Decorating with a Torch!
F Place Cards.

 Cut stiff white paper twice the height you want the finished product to be. With pastels, water colors, or any drawing tool, shape a torch in the left center. Mark the card, around the torch, for a horizontal fold. Then cut around the half of the drawing above the fold. When you make the fold, you have a torch that stands up.

 Using the same basic white paper folded as a place card, you can instead attach a short piece of pipe cleaner to the top left corner. Attach the other end of the pipe cleaner to a torch cut from colored construction paper or card stock. Here you have a torch in relief

Torch Clip Art 4

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Torch Clip Art 2
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F Favors.

 Use small ice cream cones to make pretty and appropriate place favors. For the base, use a small half ball of Styrofoam, resembling a gum drop in shape. Use gold spray-paint for both cone and base. Two thickness of cellophane, yellow over red, shaped into a pointed mound to resemble a flame, is inserted into the tops of the cones

 Make simple, 3-dimensional architectural structures from construction paper. A door at the front opens to reveal a torch, also of construction paper, pasted to the back "wall." The flame can be cut of yellow crepe paper.

Torch Clip Art 3
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Torch Clip Art 6

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F Centerpieces.

 Roses and candles go well together for centerpieces. Try delightful handlings such as hurricane lamps with yellow roses and greenery at the base, or tall, tall goblets into which fat candles (or votives in the various colors) have been tucked, along with roses and ivy tips. (Did you know that ivy symbolizes Friendship?)

 There are hundreds of possibilities! Perhaps a decorated doorway at the entrance to your banquet (or specific activity), lettered with the words of the theme, will appeal to you. Or you may wish to use the colors of the torch's rays in some way, in candles or in floral decorations.

Torch Clip Art 1

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Torch Clip Art 5
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 Re-read the words of the Ritual of Jewels describing the rays of the torch and their symbolism, sit down with pencil, paper and a sorority sister (or two or three), and let your imaginations roam!

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