The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross



by Margaret MilIer
Illinois Gamma, Jacksonville
This poem first appeared in the December, 1935 issue ofThe Torch


'Twas the night before Christmas, as the soft shadows closed 'round.
Weary and tired, a corner I found.
And pausing a moment, from the others apart,
I gazed at the tall tree, a piece of "God's Art."
The splendor of its green bows so strong and so wide,
Shining in glory, its grand height and pride
Caused a feeling of awe to well up from within,
And I felt myself slipping, from that room's noisy din.
My feet, I found trodding a path cold and white
And my body wrapped snugly in still frosty night.
Onward I sped, drawn by some mightier being,
On in the darkness with eyes unseeing.
And--lo--far beyond, appeared a soft mellow glow,
'Twas a torch shedding light on the new fallen snow.
How friendly, how kindly, how warm was its ray!
I was drawn by that something; I could not stray.
'Twas a woman in white held the torch o'er her head,
And shining beyond her were soft rays of red.
I quickened my footsteps and as closer I drew,
Those rays were blended with yellow and blue.
Then orange, green and violet flowed each in a row,
Making a rainbow of beauty, its background the snow.
Filled with emotions I could not describe
I turned, Diotima stood close by my side.
She beckoned, I followed, we each took our place
In this semi-circle of color as a smile lit her face.
She spoke--how I remember each and every word well.
Her voice, sweet and clear as though rung from a bell.
"The Spirit of Christmas you'll find here, my dear,
Keep it, live it, each day in the year."
As I pondered, a soft glow was shed from above.
Could it be the moon sending her warm beams of love?
My eyes, I lifted to the deep, velvet black sky,
And there high above hung a great golden Phi.
Alas, I awakened, but in my heart, sisters, there
Lies a dream of jeweled loveliness, with you I must share.
And as the Spirit of Christmas moves throughout all the land,
True Beta Sigma Phi Spirit will go with it hand in hand.


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