The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

In Honor of Friendship

 Two friends lived on adjoining lands---one alone, and the other with his wife and children. They harvested their grain and one night the man without a family awoke and looked on his sheaves stacked beside him.

 "How good God has been to me," he thought, "but my friend with his family needs more grain than I." So he carried some of his store to his friend's field.

 And the other, surveying his own harvest, thought: "How much I have to enrich my life. How lonely my friend must be with so little of this world's joys."

 So he arose and carried some of his grain and placed it on his friend's stack.

 And in the morning when they went forth to glean again, each saw his heap of sheaves undiminished.

 The exchange continued until one night in the moonlight the friends met, each with his arms filled on the way to the other's field. At the point where they met, the legend says, a temple was built.

Folk Tradition

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