The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

About Our Colors
...from The Beta Sigma Phi Book of Ritual
with permission to include here from Walter W. Ross, III, Chairman of the Board
International Executive Council of Beta Sigma Phi

  And the Red ray of that Flame shall be Courage--that Courage which shall make us fearless and dauntless in pursuit of our ideal, that courage before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish, that virtue without which nothing is achieved and for want of which talent is wasted.

  And the Yellow of that Flame shall be Vision which gives to courage enthusiasm by the lifting of self out of self, the seeing by self beyond self, that attribute which is "the perception of things hoped for, the assurance of things not seen."

  And the Blue of that Flame shall be Humility, that sense of proportion which makes us meek in the presence of the miracle of Being, that sense of honor which causes us to seek nothing for ourselves, and when we have done a favor for another to put a seal upon our lips and forget what we have done.

  And the Orange of that Flame shall be Loyalty--that earnestness of unswerving purpose which accepts every result without discouragement and keeps us true and steadfast in an obligation.

  And the Green of that Flame shall be Fellowship--that dear love of comrades which displays itself not only to those who wear our badge, but extends itself in consideration and enjoyment to all fellow beings; that warm and pulsing flow without which life is a barren waste, a lone and arid desert.

  And the Violet of that Flame shall be Service, component of humility and Courage, that gift of yourself to life, that performance of duty which lightens the burdens of another and lightens the darkness of yourself for "in loyal and loving service to others the love of self is forgotten."

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