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As I pack my bags and gather my passports, I thought of all the adventures I could go on with family and friends this year. The thoughts and ideas could be endless as one could sail across the sea and meet sisters from afar. Or, a sister and friend could travel in their travel trailer and meet many new friends in their own country. Adventure can also take place in one's own backyard or computer room. By using the Internet, adventure awaits those who wish to Google or Yahoo the vacations or travels of their dreams!

Now that you are ready with bags packed let us now - SHARE OUR PASSPORT TO ADVENTURE -- click Here. Find the Adventure in our pages. More to Be Added to Packet!

Once YOU Stamp Those Passports Go Share The Adventure with Others Below!

Your Friend - Wooble Ross



Our chapter is in the state of Alabama. We plan to take history trips around our state. We will be learning interesting and possibly forgotten history of our surroundings. Several in-state trips are planned also.

Beverly P.
Owens Crossroads, Alabama
May 31, 2009

We held our rushing party on May 16th, we rented a cabin over looking the Pacific Ocean. We made fake passports for each member. We invited our guests to Jamaica. When they arrived in Jamaica, we met their taxi wearing sarongs and brightly colored outfits. We decorated, hung Jamaican pictures, palm trees and all. We took the theme of "Stepin Up," and each one of us decorated her thongs. All the girls had a wonderful time. We learned a lot about Jamaica, and how to speak Jamaican. We got our passports stamped.

Next month we are going into the Amazon Jungle (Camping.)We believe that we are going to Africa, on the African Queen in August. One of our new recruits plans to teach us how to make Tamales, so we are also planning a trip to Mexico. We have discussed the whole "planes, trains, and automobiles. It's all new, but we are very excited about the theme that you have selected and can't wait to get started with this year.

Janeice C.
Nu Gamma
Crescent City, CA
May 26, 2009

As President of my chapter this year at Begining Day each sister will be presented with a passport that I will make for them. The cover will have our Beta Sigma Phi crest and the word PASSPORT. Inside will be a picture of them and their name. I have a Rose stamp that I carry with me and will use to put a stamp in their passport for each sorority meeting, function or project that they work on or attend. We have had a severe decline in attendance at all events and meetings for the last few years. I hope this will be an incentive to participate more in our activities and meetings as they see how many stamps their sisters have acquired. At the end of the year I will give special gift/prize to the sister with the most stamps in her passport.

Ronnie I.
Preceptor Epsilon
Duluth, MN
May 26, 2009

1. Take a map of the world and have sisters "pin" all he places they have lived and the friendships they have made.
2. Have a person from a "medical travel clinic" talk about the necessary innoculations you might need to visit a foreign country. Talk about precautions for epidemics that we have recently witnessed i.e. swine flu.
3. Have someone show how to pack a suitcase and someone to talk about the current rules for traveling (security/take-on)
4. Each meeting, have a world globe. Have sisters tell about vacation or business travels they have been on.
5. Sisters who have relocated can show the cities they have lived in and talk about how transferring in BSP helped them with their relocation and friendships they have made.
6. Compare travel 50 years ago vs current travel
7. Talk about places you might stay - benefits or not? Bed and Breakfast, all inclusive, timeshare, hostels, camping/backpacking, chain hotels, Mom and Pop places. What appeals to you?
8. Cruising!! What to expect, where to go? Port of call. Pros and cons.
9. The new frontier - talk about how you go about reserving a spot on the spaceship to the moon. Costs? Realistic?
10. Cost and comparison of different travel modes: Bus, auto, plane and train. Pros and cons.
11. Souvenir night - bring something "special" to you from one of your trips!!
12. Day trips - have sisters talk about day trips for your area. Consider a day trip social.
13. If you could go anywhere where would you go and why? Discussion.
14. Do a skit on going through "security" at the airport. 15. Trains!! Are they something from the past? European vs US. Train trips.
16. What can't you do without when you travel - have every body bring an item they feel makes their travel go smoothly: tissues, moneybelt, special tote bag, special scarf, jacket, "lucky" item, "religious" item, hat, scarf, hand sanitizer etc.
16. Dealing with foreign language and currancy. This would make a cute skit!! Unusual customs of places you have visited. Serve a food item that you associate with a country.
17. Become pen pals with a BSP chapter in another country.
18. What do you do with the pictures - scrapbooking, art work etc

Linda S.
Laureate Alpha Xi
Greenville, NC
May 25, 2009

This year our chapter will share their passport adventures by telling about their favorite trip out of the country using their passport or if they haven't traveled outside the country where they would like to go using their passport. Each sister will do a program each month on their destination and serve the food of that country for an added authentic touch.

Mary D.
Eta Omega
Mobile, Alabama
May 20, 2009

Plan a trip/day-outing for your chapter that involves at least one member that lives 60+ miles away. Try to involve her chapter if possible. (We have sisters that have moved away and now belong to other chapters...this could be a good time for reunion.)

Patricia C.
Preceptor Laureate Epsilon
Pensacola, Florida
May 14, 2009

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