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Committees - Service Committee helps members help others


 The responsibility of the Service committee is to find projects that will give maximum enjoyment and satisfaction while not straining members available resources of time, money and effort. Special care must be taken to avoid overtaxing the members!

 Beta Sigma Phi is not basically a service organization, so it is important that service does not overwhelm but rather support the cultural and social goals of the sorority. Early, careful planning will establish a good service program that will not be burdensome to members and yet will provide the greatest dividends in the community.

 To be truly effective, don´t spread yourselves too thin. It is difficult to say "no" when so many worthwhile projects are offered, but effort divided into many small pieces benefits no one. It is far better to have one successful, rewarding service project a year than to have several moderately successful ones which burden and dissatisfy members.

 When planning the year´s service program, the committee should check with the chapter and limit itself to those projects which are in accordance with the expressed interest of the members and the chapter´s capabilities in money, time and effort. [refer to Member Interest Survey] REMEMBER: YOUR CHAPTER´S PARTICIPATION IN THE INTERNATIONAL FUNDS IS SERVICE.

 Once planned and approved, the service program should be adhered to, with the possible addition of an unusual service opportunity of over-riding interest to all members. Knowing the commitments in advance, the members can prepare themselves accordingly and will not feel the frustration and fatigue that results from hastily planned, last-minute projects.

 It is in planning "sensible service," budgeting time and effort, that the service committee best serves each chapter member by giving her the opportunity to know the reward of personal happiness from service given as a BETA SIGMA PHI.


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