The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

The Violet of the Flame

By Clara Hood Rugel
From the February, 1963 issue of The Torch

 " "SERVICE" IS A BEAUTIFUL WORD! It can be lovely or unlovely in its rendering, its magnificence or its mediocrity measured by the music or the discord in the heart that renders it.

 In the heart of a Beta Sigma Phi there is song!

 Service, in her realm, is first of all to self, that she may better serve others-an individual, a group, her community, her country, the universe! Her guides are the sorority's ideals, which speak to her of Life, Learning and Friendship. Through them she finds Love, Truth, and Beauty. Her good impulses foster her activity.

 A Beta Sigma Phi observes carefully the all-important rule, "As you would that men should do unto you, do you also unto them." She prays the prayer of Sir Alec Patterson, "God help me to master myself that I may be a servant of others." She is searching for Love and Truth and Beauty. These she cannot have without concern for her fellows!

 As a Beta Sigma Phi follows her guides and observes her rules, she relates herself to her world. She does not thank God that she is not as other men. She begins humbly. "Only begin," said Goethe, "and then the mind grows heated. Only begin, and the task will be completed." Gradually she becomes an artist sculpturing her life so that others seeing it will pick up their own chisel and catch the mellow glow of their own medium!

 In serving, a Beta Sigma Phi keeps in mind that "Greater love hath no woman than that she lay down her life for her friend." But she well understands that she does not necessarily have to "lay it down" all in one piece and at one time. She comprehends that in even a small service to a friend she is laying down a bit of her life-a courteous greeting, an interested question, a happy smile.

 A Beta Sigma Phi serving as a housewife seeks a higher meaning in her routine chores. As a teacher, a Beta Sigma Phi knows that teaching is not done from books alone, and she uses precept (rule of moral conduct) and example as important factors. As an employee, a Beta Sigma Phi serves with initiative and responsibility and with loyalty. As a part of an institution she does not condemn it. If she must vilify (defame), she resigns. As an employer, she strives to correct grievances, balance a day's work with a day's wages. She remembers that each one has been given a different talent, a varying measure of ability, that according to individual grace each one serves.

 A Beta Sigma Phi prays that she be given wisdom to know when to serve, where to serve, how to serve, whom to serve. At all times she will be ready to give an accounting of her stewardship."

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