The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

ABC's of Rushing and Pledging

A Belief in Sorority, Yourself and Others

A Desire to Share

A Willingness to Ask Somebody to Join

Rushees - those contemplating membership in Beta Sigma Phi

Rushing - the promotional or educational stage where YOU profile the many benefits offered in  with those whom you think you'd enjoy having as sorority sisters

Rushing Procedure - one of Communication ... with pride, where you bubble, enthuse an show with the light in your eyes, the belief you have in your sorority

Pledging Function - when you ask a Rushee to join your chapter.
When you, with all the sincerity and warmth you can muster, invite a person to join with you in  and share the wonderful Beta Sigma Phi experience together!


A - genuine, honest and wholehearted belief In your sorority; acceptance of self and others

B - a desire on your part to share the features, advantages, benefits and the wonderful feeling of  with others

C - a willingness on your part to ask somebody to join your sorority. By requesting somebody to become a part of your life and your world, you are paying the greatest compliment that possibly can be given.

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