The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross



A story of Friendship for any time.


A rushee attended her first Beta Sigma Phi activity which was a Christmas party. She was the first to arrive and right inside the door was a table of little felt favors in different Christmas shapes. She was to have first choice. She looked over the table...

... there was a little felt stocking but a nick was cut out of the heel. There was a little wreath but the bow was sewn on a little crooked. There was a little Christmas tree with sequins, but the star was falling off the top. There seemed to be a slight flaw in all but one little Christmas tree. It was perfect so the rushee chose that favor.

Later in the evening came the time for prizes. One prize went to the member who had the felt stocking with the nick cut out of the heel. One prize went for the wreath with the crooked bow - and so on, with a different prize for each imperfection.

The member said she learned her first Beta Sigma Phi lesson right then, at her first rush party. Behind every imperfection there is a prize if you but look for it. She said she has always used that philosophy in getting to know new rushees because she realizes that even if one did not seem perfect, there would be the prize of friendship once she got to know the person.

And she said, "If only perfect people were accepted, who would have taken a chance on me?"


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