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Difference between the Preceptor Degree Ritual & the Ritual of Attributes

 What is the difference between the Preceptor Degree Ritual & the Preceptor Attributes Ritual?

 There is one thing which makes the Preceptor degree uniquely different from the others, and that is the selection each year of a color, with its accompanying attribute -- red for courage, yellow for vision, blue for humility, orange for loyalty, green for fellowship, and violet for service.

 The new Preceptor degree member first does this upon receiving the Preceptor degree. However, it is a practice which should be carried through each year by each Preceptor degree member. It is a suggestion that members use Beginning Day to carry out the observance. It is a wonderful way to begin a wonderful, new sorority year.

 Each Preceptor degree member would select the attribute of her choice, to be carried in her heart and actions for the entire year. It is not necessary that every Preceptor degree member of the chapter choose the same color for the year. It is an individual choice. Also, a member should not repeat the same color for two or three consecutive years, but should choose a different one each year until all attributes have been observed by the member.

 To help members observe this in a memorable way, International composed a simplified ritual for this particular use. A copy should be included in your chapter's Book of Ritual. If you need one, please email your Division Chairman and request she send one to you: (

 Bottom line: The Preceptor Degree Ritual and the Preceptor Attribute Ritual are two different rituals. The Preceptor Degree Ritual is given once, when a member qualifies for it (after 6 years of active membership participation as an Exemplar degree member). The Preceptor Attribute Ritual is given every year.

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