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When Mr. Ross was registering Beta Sigma Phi as an International Organization, he knew that he would have to register one jewel and he had chosen the pearl. When the time came, he found he needed a secondary jewel and he said, "Off the top of my head, I chose the diamond."

 Years later, Mrs. Terry (author of our Rituals) thought differently. She said, "You see, there are no accidents. Things are all a part of a plan, if we just wait to see them unfold. Both jewels are white light. The pearl absorbs it, the diamond gives it off. When Beta Sigma Phis are new they are learning, absorbing information. Later, there comes a time when a member must progress, she must become a way-shower, an exemplar. When that time comes, she wears a diamond which gives off light."
 Each jewel in our emblem is in itself a lovely code, and though many books have been written on the significance of each jewel, the benefit we gain from their meaning is only as great as our own individual interpretation and our sincere application of them.
 From the Beta Sigma Phi Book of Ritual:

From the Ritual of Jewels. . .

"Behold the Great Torch Held Aloft! Behold now, that white light passing through a crystal prism to come out on the other side in color - red, yellow, blue, orange, green, and violet.

Behold the White light of Love passing through the crystal prism of your life and coming out to compose for the Spectrum of Beauty, six magic hues from white light, six great perfections of your self, six new and wonderful ways of love.

The Torch of Learning has a pure white flame of Love within your heart. From it comes the jewels of our Sisterhood. Though the torches are several, the Flame is forever one."

 The jewels of our Sisterhood are ... six flames of color, six torches - each hued according to its own ray:
  The Sum of all these colors shall be BEAUTY.
 From the Exemplar Ritual . . .

"...Among the ancients the diamond was revered as bestowing Fortitude (courage) and Victory (winning of a struggle). Let us regard it so. Among the moderns it is treasured as a Jewel, and useful in the arts and industry. Let us treasure it.

Most valuable of gems, its Beauty still is enhanced by polishing and shaping. This polishing and shaping is a slow work perfected in long time, and requiring skill and unremitting patience. [refer to 'The Jewel Is You' article by Ora Capelli]

This jewel (the diamond) has been called a Fragment of Heaven.

Its brilliancy and beauty is in the reflection of the Light that reaches it through its many planes.

And so shall we, through polishing the many facets of our being, reflect the radiance of the light of Love.

...the light which represents the Gem of Light within yourself, the diamond radiance of eternal love."

 Jewels are rich in value and noted for their beauty. Thus should we regard our new friends. . . taking time to appreciate the beauty of their lives and thoughts. This, it seems to me, is a great way to intertwine our lives with those of our Millennium Members! Weave their beauty and gift of Friendship into your own heart and the heart of your chapter

Ideas for Chapter Yearbooks, Scrapbooks, Socials

 Use lots of sparkle & glitz this year! Think diamonds!!! It's our 70th Birthday anniversary celebration
 Birthday party theme .. Celebration theme!
 Go the route of decades . . . research news events, inventions, fads, women's fashions, etc. Chronicle Beta Sigma Phi through the years. . .
 Work with the 6 sets of [three] triangular facets in the logo:
  1. each set could be a color or jewel of our Sisterhood, or mix them up as in a kaleidoscope -- make a kaleidoscope of Friendship!

  2. each triangle in the diamond shape could hold a picture of a member in the chapter [enlarge the logo pattern & work with it in this way]

  3. each triangle set could hold a sorority symbol, i.e., (any combination)
    Yellow rose
    Greek letter(s)
    Badge (pin)
    The great Phi (golden circle of Friendship)
    Gold & black (sorority colors)
    Lamp of learning
    Book (intellectual & literary attributes)
    Latin motto (Via, Scientia, Amicitia) [Life, Learning, Friendship]
    Officer & Committee Symbols [refer to Strawberry Patch index]
  4. each set could focus on an attribute, i.e.,
  5. each set could focus on any combination of Membership benefits. You know what those are!
 Use hologram paper -- available in craft dept or art supply stores; use silver for the diamond 'look'. It comes in various other colors, too.
 Facets of Friendship
 "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend"
 Plan a "Diamond Lil" Social -- members dress in 'diamonds' & glitz!
 Go "70's" -- Plan a social from the 1970's . . dress as you did then. Or, dress as think you'll look at 70 . . or how you'd like to look! Or invite seventy people to a party! Or, wear 70 of something!
 Invite a local jeweler to attend your meeting & give a program on diamonds. Or, ask if your chapter could go to the jewelry store for the program. Shop & dream!

Treasure box/jewelry box filled with gems -- of our Sisterhood! Go with pearls (we all wear those on our badge); use rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts, topaz of various colors, opals! Don't forget the DIAMONDS!!!!

Use a jewel, or gem theme. Again, check in craft stores for big glue-on 'jewels'. They come in a variety of sizes & colors.

 Use futuristic ideas, themes .. go with space odyssey ideas. Odyssey means an extended journey. Outline your chapter year with 2001 space ideas! Use the millennium colors of silver & pearlized colors
 Go with a Greek theme. Use Diotima, Greek columns, togas, grapes, gold & . . . include DIAMONDS
 Use Facets of Sorority.
 Yearbook divider pages & Scrapbook/Memorybook pages . . .
  • Facets depicting your chapter. For example:
    Greek letter name
    Anniversary date of your chapter
    Member names
    Chapter number
    Career or Traditional
  • Facets depicting International.
    Office hours
    Name of your Division Chairman
    Int'l Theme
    Phone numbers
    Email Addresses
  • Facets depicting your City Council.
    Date of CC meetings
    Time & place of meetings
    Chapter Reps
    Council Committee your chapter will serve on
    Name of Sister Chapter
  • Facets depicting Chapter info.
    Meeting time [1st & 3rd Thursdays @ 7:00 PM]
    Chapter By-Laws
    Chapter Traditions
    Chapter Standing Rules
    Chapter History
    Chapter Achievements/Awards
  • Facets depicting Officers. (use symbols)
    Vice President
    Recording Secretary
    Corresponding Secretary
    Extension Officer
  • Facets depicting Committees. (use symbols)
    *Membership (most important committee in your chapter!)
    Secret Sister/Sunshine
  • Facets depicting Programs.
    Since there are 6 sets of 3 triangle facets, why not put the name of each of your planned programs for the year inside one of the triangles?
  • Facets depicting Chapter Members.
    One name per triangle shape & her page number
  • Facets depicting year's Calendar.
    Make two diamonds with facet shapes.
    Print months on each of the 6 sets.
    Decorate according to season, etc.
  • Facets filled with Degree Potpourri.
    Info on the degrees of BSF, or degree of your chapter.
    Any inspirational info you wish to include, for example, Sisterhood,   poems about Friendship, our yellow rose, & so forth.
    Guidelines for honors.
 All year, dot with 'diamonds' . . . Invest in a jar or package of 'diamonds' available at craft stores, rubber stamp supply stores, etc. Glue one on the petals of a silk yellow rose. Glue one on invitations or wherever/whenever you are going to use the theme. Use prisma glitter available at rubber stamp stores.
 CANDLES. Use them everywhere -- on invitations, at parties as well as rituals. Rubber stamp them in yearbooks, scrapbooks. Use one, or 70! Use them in the various colors of the jewels or use just one color, or combine white, silver & any of the millennium colors. Sky's the limit!
  The 6 facets could be used in conjunction with candles:
  • Facet or candle of Kindness - [brighten the outlook of others toward both people & life]

  • Facet or candle of Love - [make & allow others to radiate with the light of your loving deeds]

  • Facet or candle of Thoughtfulness -- [joyfully remember special people at special times]

  • Facet or candle of Caring -- [by lifting the spirits of others you'll make them feel hopeful about themselves]

  • Facet or candle of Friendship -- [offer yourself to others & invite them to join your Golden Circle (whether it be in sorority, your neighborhood, church, other organizations & groups to which you may belong.) Let the sun come up in their hearts so they will know you want to share with them all the best of Life, Learning & Friendship.]

  • Facet or candle of Understanding -- [by putting yourself in the other person's shoes you have the opportunity to give your heart. Listen & share.]
  LIGHT A CANDLE in someone's life & see how it makes the darkness flee. A little bit of light is all we need .. but we need that little bit so badly!
 Stretch with me on this one . . . :-) I just couldn't resist! Plan a "Diamond Anniversary Chocolate Social". Dress glitzy, wear 'diamonds', serve chocolate covered strawberries, assorted chocolates, champagne, etc.
  1. What better way to celebrate a birthday than with chocolate!
  2. Go with & have fun using the shapes you choose from a box of assorted chocolates. These could be the 'facets'.
  What shapes reveal about your personality:
   Square: You are balanced, honest & truthful. You form solid, long-lasting relationships & follow directions meticulously.
   Circle: You love company & are personable. You're empathetic, however you tend to try to please everyone.
   Diamond: You are a dreamer, an internalizer and a philosopher. You appreciate the higher-quality things in life, including people with integrity.
   Triangle: You are a mover and a shaker with leadership qualities. Your downfall is that you sometimes become prickly and have been known to bulldoze over other people's feelings.
   Spiral: You are a firecracker bursting with energy. You're always eager for a challenge. An optimist by nature, you keep a messy house.
 What does candy filling say about your personality?
   Hazelnut: You are someone who operates with the knowledge of Mother Earth.
   Marshmallow: You tend to be a party animal who flits from place to place with ease.
   Coffee: You are a deep thinker who doesn't like waiting.
   Caramel: Without making a fuss, you get things done.
   Coconut: You're a creative, artistic person who dreams of island hideaways.
   Peppermint: All things are possible. Tomorrow is another day. You're full of ideas and won't be bound by rules.
    --based on the book Chocolate Therapy by Murray Langham

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