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Beta Sigma Phi Traditions

Every organization which has a background of achievement has entertained certain traditions that are observed year after year until they are accepted as part of the organization itself.

Beta Sigma Phi Traditions

Beta Sigma Phi Tradtions

Beta Sigma Phi Traditions

  • We address one another by our GIVEN NAME.
     [the point to having name tags!]

  • We do not permit non-members to wear our badge.

  • Membership is by Invitation only.

  • Members are known by their:
     graciousness  loyalty
     charm, poise  leadership
     hospitality  self-expression
     friendliness  appreciation of the finer things in life

  • We know the significance of our badge -- & WEAR OUR PINS!

  • We know the meaning & significance of our motto - Life Learning & Friendship

  • We know the meaning of the Greek words: Beta Sigma Phi
     Bios, Sophia, Philos [the Greek components to Life, Learning & Friendship & the 1st letters of these 3 Greek words are Beta, Sigma & Phi

  • Periodic rushes to obtain new members - March & October are Int'l rush months. An important tradition in order to maintain membership strength!

  • To give thorough Pledge Training to our new members!
     ... the good, effective kind! One member very eloquently stated that once she brought in another member to Beta Sigma Phi, she had the desire to do all she could to make her enjoy the sorority she herself loves & believes in - which must be getting close to "Sweetness of Spirit", it's the all important 1st step that assures new members of achieving the most enjoyment from their membership & that they contribute to their chapter. It is a responsibility we owe them!

  • As membership chairman, the chapter vice-president reports the suggested goal for adding new members in September & February, prior to Int'l rush months.

  • A sweet tradition we have is to pass a box of candy to our chapter sisters to announce an engagement or marriage.

  • A pledge may choose any member (one who has received the Ritual of Jewels degree or higher) to be her sorority mother who acts as her GUIDE.
     In the Pledge Ritual we read: "The flaming torch is the light of learning, a guide, meaning that YOU are guided by the light of learning & are yourself a guide to others...

  • Yellow rose [bud] & a card is sent to a sister as:
    an expression of sympathy
    when she has an illness
    for whatever reason you deem appropriate, i.e., congratulations, thank you, birth, for no reason other than to celebrate the friendship you share!

  • Entertain your sister chapter [if applicable] to promote inter-chapter harmony within your Beta Sigma Phi community.

  • As an expression of Beta Sigma Phi friendship a newly formed Ritual of Jewels chapter is welcomed by invitation to a meeting or social by another chapter; or where a Council exists, by an invitation to a Council meeting at which the new members can all be introduced to all Council members.

  • FOUNDER'S DAY - our most important tradition!

  • Mother's Day observance

  • Beginning Day

  • Anniversary of the chapter's installation

  • Chapter yearbooks for each member

  • Outgoing Presidents are presented with a gift in appreciation of their loyal service as leaders of their chapter/council. A Gavel Guard is suggested.

  • Beta Sigma Phis visiting chapters in other cities are accepted as sisters & are given any assistance possible in meeting other members.
     Think about TRANSFEREES!
     INVITE them,
     ACCEPT them,
     HELP them,
     ASSIST them!
     I encourage each of you to realize the loss a member can feel during a transfer process, especially when contact is NOT made by chapters or councils advised by the Int'l Office of the transferee's existence. Put yourself in her shoes ... call her! She needs YOU!

  • PROGRESSION is a special tradition of our Sisterhood. Members can progress to the next highest degree when they become eligible and remain in their existing chapter. OR, members can progress into a chapter of a higher degree. YOU HAVE A CHOICE!

     Progression is an individual decision & was established for the growth of the individual member.

  • RITUALS -- practice them, prepare them, perfect them!
     Rituals are an established form of ceremony. They are symbolic representations of the spirit of Sisterhood & the determination members have to improve themselves and, in this way, make a better world.

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