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Committees - Membership Committee reports at every meeting


 The membership committee is the most important committee in the chapter. The chapter can only carry out its plans when the membership committee is succeeding in keeping the chapter membership strong.

 During the peak of the rushing season, the membership committee should report at most meetings. In fact, it´s a good idea for this committee to keep reporting all year long! Most committees make regular reports to the members, and the membership committee should be given as much or more attention than any other committee.

 Through regular reports, the committee can keep all members aware that rushing success increases through their own strength and enjoyment of Beta Sigma Phi. A regular report not only keeps members thinking of prospective rushees; it keeps them watching for good ideas for rush parties and games as well. It´s a good thought to ask for ideas and names of prospective members at each meeting.

 Suggestion: Start your committee report at each meeting by sharing a brief quotation on FRIENDSHIP!


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