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Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

Founder's Day

All Beta Sigma Phi chapters around the world join heartily in the celebration of Founder's Day, our most important sorority tradition. In many cities of large population many chapters join together to make the celebration a city-wide event.

Thousands of us will break bread together with our own groups and, in the spirit of Founder's Day with every Beta Sigma Phi sister around the world. What a magnificent thing it is to enjoy this larger relationship! What a power for constructive living this ideal provides!

It is customary on Founder's Day to look back and review the accomplishments of the past. The steady, substantial growth of Beta Sigma Phi exemplifies its ambitious program. We can look with pride upon its record.

But, let us always look to the Future! Ten years. Twenty. Fifty. What will they bring? Happiness, sorrow, accomplishment and perhaps some failure along the way, but through it all the most valuable thing in life, the enjoyment of genuine friendships.

Here's to the future of Beta Sigma Phi!

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