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A Gift or Favor For Your Mother's Day Social

 Here are directions for making a Lace Rose pin for your mother, Secret Sister, Legacy Daughter and don't forget yourself!

 This charming little flower pin is easy to make and fun to wear.

Items you'll need:

" 1" wide lace, 12-18 inches long
" acrylic paint (necessary to stiffen the lace) - your choice of color (yellow is always good, the color of our sorority flower!) J
" needle and thread
" pipe cleaner
" green florist's tape
" safety pin

  1. Paint both sides of lace with acrylic paint
  2. When thoroughly dry, start rolling the lace, turn it forward and backward to create a "petal" effect.
  3. Sew the base together as you go.
  4. Push a pipe cleaner in base; wrap with green florist's tape
  5. Attach a safety pin.

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