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Tributes to and Examples for Selecting
Woman of the Year

Note: Following are examples of special tributes and guidelines some chapters and councils use in honoring and selecting their Woman of the Year. These are shared with you to give you ideas.

Guidelines for Woman of the Year Award

For excellent cooperation with all the chapter's activities and interests throughout the year.

For serving as an Officer or Committee member and fulfilling her duties and obligations to the best of her ability.

For giving special assistance to promote any activity the chapter agreed to sponsor.

For using her talents and participating at a Beta Sigma Phi or other worthy community activity.

Recognition for individual publicity she brings to Beta Sigma Phi. Every member, by her words and deeds, publicizes her organization.

For special kindnesses and courtesies extended to members outside the chapter or to local people outside Beta Sigma Phi in need of help.

For exemplifying to the best of her ability the ideals expressed to all members, "TO YOU-THE LOVELIEST, MOST SOCIALLY MINDED..."

Voting for Woman of the Year

"For every woman who accepts an invitation to become a member of Beta Sigma Phi, there is the opportunity to distinguish herself in countless ways--in the eyes of her family, her friends, her community, and the world. Every year the chapters select Women of the Year. The Beta Sigma Phi's who receive this honor have distinguished themselves by their wholehearted participation in sorority activities and by making the fullest use of their talents for the good of the organization and the community. They have exemplified to the best of their ability the ideals expressed in the Beta Sigma Phi rituals. They have more than earned the right to be called 'the friendliest, the loveliest-minded, and the most socially respected women.'"

Selecting Our Chapter And/Or City Council Woman of the Year

This member is selected by her peers for the top honor of the sorority year. She is that person who has dedicated herself to doing a little bit extra to insure council's success IN ALL PROJECTS

One who has distinguished herself through her outstanding contributions to Beta Sigma Phi and the community and exemplifies all the beautiful things our sorority stands for.

A special member who has given just a bit more than most to sorority.

A coveted honor to one who exemplifies the ideals of the world's largest Greek-letter organization for women. She reflects all the colors of the flame and she knows that by the light of LOVE all things are beautiful.

The member in chapter (or city council) who always volunteers...who says YES...who has perfect attendance...who gets things done!

One who is part of every sorority gathering and/or project; pitches-in and gives the best that is in her to promote the success of Beta Sigma Phi.

Is always available to help in any and every way she can.

An outstanding Beta Sigma Phi!

Attendance at each regular meeting - whether it be her chapter, something sponsored by International, city council, conventions, area meetings; participation in council activities, serving as an officer or on any special committee for its duration for that particular council project or event.

For extending the aims/purposes of Beta Sigma Phi by inviting others to join.

Excellent cooperation in regard to chapter and/or city council activities and interests.

Makes contributions, makes an effort and shares ideas that bring success to Beta Sigma Phi.

Use of special talents, service, thought, time, work to aid any special projects sponsored by Beta Sigma Phi.

Special kindnesses and courtesies extended to members outside her chapter, or to local people in her community not affiliated with Beta Sigma Phi.

Fulfilling her obligations as member.

For having exemplified to the best of her ability the ideals expressed in our dedication to all members ...TO YOU, THE FRIENDLIEST, THE LOVELIEST-MINDED, THE MOST SOCIALLY RESPECTED. . . .

This honor is meant to recognize the member who has given most time, effort and devotion to her chapter, her city council, her organization.

This is not a popularity vote!

Vote for the individual, who in your heart and mind, has given the best that is in her to make this sorority year the best it can be!

Written by Tona Vandiver

Let us tell you about the Woman of the Year,
Past, Future and Present.
We know you well, my dear.
To think of you is always pleasant.

You open your heart and home to us
And do chores others don't want to.
You always take that extra step,
And see that details are attended to.

It's not that you're not busy,
What with family, friends and duty.
You make time you share with us.
You truly walk in beauty.

The pledge that we all once made,
You really have lived up to.
To Life, Learning and Friendship,
You've remained ever true to.

So, once a year, we gather here
To Honor you and cry,
"I Am Thy Sister, BETA SIGMA PHI!"

Written by Inez Wilson - San Jose, CA - 1995

She's the one who never misses a meeting and usually shows up early and stays late. She's our Woman of the Year.

The Woman of the Year has beauty, love and truth all over her face but she also works hard, plays hard and laughs a lot. When you first meet her there is nothing special about her -- except -- a warm smile, friendly eyes and a handclasp that is real. She's our Woman of the Year.

Women of the Year come in all sizes and shapes and everything in-between but they have one thing in common, they love Beta Sigma Phi!

Women of the Year always give the best that is in them and try to assist in every and any way they can. That's why they are our Women of the Year.

Women of the Year know that a meeting is important because it counts on the Yardstick; socials are important because it makes friends, and ways and means is important because it keeps the chapter solid. Women of the Year like service projects because it makes her life worth while and she likes rituals because they make her cry. She loves her family at home and her extended family at chapter. She's our Woman of the Year.

Women of the Year are always there, always helpful and always a Beta Sigma Phi. She is your friends, your neighbor and maybe your relative but she is always your sister.

Women of the Year try to give the best that is in them and because of that, she is -- Our Woman of the Year.

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