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Honor Mothers With Ritual


In May, 1956, the members of Alpha Chapter in Salt Lake City, Utah honored their mothers in a special Mother´s Day observance. They composed a ritual which they read in the presence of their guests, giving them each a Mother´s pin. The ritual is reprinted here.

Dearest Mothers: We have assembled here today, in order that we might show our appreciation for the help and assistance which each of us has received from you since birth but mostly since we became members of Beta Sigma Phi.

A tiny child slept, and as she slumbered, she dreamed a dream, and in that dream she wandered all alone; but in the distance she saw an Angel clothed in white. The features of the Angel were not distinct, but a radiant light illuminated the angel´s entire countenance. The child proceeded to the Angel and placed her small palm in the angel´s hand, and inquired: "What is your name?"

The angel answered: "Some call me Love, some Hope, some Kindness, others Truth, and still others Charity."

The small girl looked puzzled, and said: "That is too much for me to remember. I shall call you Mother."

The Angel smiled and said: "Why did you choose the word Mother´? What does it mean to you?"

The child thought for a few moments and then answered: "I do not know; perhaps some day I shall." At this moment the child awoke, not to remember what she had dreamed. The years passed quickly for the child, and she grew into womanhood. This young woman again dreamed a dream. Once again she saw an Angel bathed in radiant light, but the Angel appeared to be somewhat older than the young woman remembered, but her features were those the young woman had seen many times.

The young woman said: "I remember once you asked me why I called you Mother, and I answered that I did not know, but perhaps I would some day."

The Angel smiled and said, "I remember. Have you now found the answer?"

The young woman answered: "You said that some called you Love, some Hope, some Kindness, others Truth, and still others Charity; and to me ´Mother´ means all of these."

Where can you find a greater love than a Mother´s love for her child? Where can you find the hope that a Mother passes on to her children in everyday living? Where can you find greater kindness than that which a Mother shows her family? Where can you find a better lesson of truth, than the example which a Mother instills in her child, and where in the universe can you find charity like that a Mother shows toward her young?"

Though she may be tested many times, though she may be sorely tried, she makes every sacrifice, and she exerts every effort necessary to fulfill her task. "Yes, now I know why I called you Mother."

The Angel smiled and said: "You have learned your lesson well. Remember it always."

Upon your breast is now placed this badge--the emblem of Love, Hope, Kindness, Truth and Charity, so that the world might see and know that you are the bearer of the title which you deserve. Treasure it dearly, and wear it with pride and constancy.

"ILLUME OUR SOULS WITH WISDOM THAT WE IN TURN MAY LIGHT THE WAY FOR THOSE WHO FOLLOW US," is a prayer on the lips of every Beta Sigma Phi mother -- and it seems to me this must necessarily make them especially wonderful mothers!

NOTE: The Mother´s Pin is a dainty rose with Greek letters in gold (plate). It makes a perfect "just because I love you" gift for the mother of a Beta Sigma Phi. It is item #161 in the Beta Sigma Phi Gift Catalog and is priced at $4.50.


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