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Committees - Ways & Means Committee avoid$ exce$$ive expen$e$


 The Ways and Means Committee reviews and develops the chapter budget. This committee should be determined to keep the dues and assessments for chapter members as low as possible. Projects are planned in this committee to provide funds for chapter needs. It must do everything possible to limit the funds it needs to raise. With the guidance of this committee, the chapter should avoid committing itself where money is concerned.

 The chapter should agree on a maximum donation to any service project, or, better still, not obligate itself for a definite amount but rather donate the profits of a specified ways and means project, regardless of the amount.

 This committee should also see that any contract is reviewed and approved (with the approval recorded in the minutes) at a chapter meeting before signing. Check carefully, with a lawyer if necessary, before signing contracts concerning merchandise sales, play royalties and so on, as International does not provide mailing lists to outside associations or companies.

 Only the referrals made in THE TORCH or by letter to the chapter on International letterhead is official. If the chapter should decide on a project involving merchandise, try for merchandise on consignment so the unsold amount can be returned to the supplier, or consider taking orders for merchandise before buying.

 The ways and means committee should complete its year´s plans for approval at Beginning Day. Careful planning should eliminate the need for burdensome special assessments or hurry-up efforts to raise money during the year. Another responsibility is to see that a specific need exists before embarking on a ways and means project -- never raise money and then try to find ways to spend it.

 CONSIDERATION OF THE INTERESTS OF INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS CAN RESULT IN ENJOYABLE WAYS AND MEANS PROJECTS, and it is possible to find projects of genuine benefit to the community as well, a real plus for member and non-member alike.

 It is both a duty and opportunity for the ways and means committee to support the cultural and social purposes of BETA SIGMA PHI by keeping ways and means projects from becoming a chore to the chapter members.


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