The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross



by Dorothy Arntz
Michigan Theta, Grand Rapids
This story first appeared in the December, 1935 issue of The Torch


The great Star in the East was troubled. Each year for many centuries it had prepared for the Christmas season by marshalling and counting each beam to once more guide men to the Kingdom of Light and Knowledge.

And now -- one of its finest, most penetrating beams was missing.

"Oh, I am sorely troubled," sighed the great Star. "I feel that the Master will be displeased, as we need each and every beam. There are so many wanderers to guide."

"It must have slipped away in one of these fogs we have been having," said a little neighboring star. "But you must be of good cheer, and we will all look diligently each night for a trace of it."

So, the great Star took courage and all the little stars watched each night for the missing beam.

One night the great Star was watching below for a glimmer of its lost child when -- behold! there it flashed. Soon it moved on. In fact, it seemed to be passing along a never ending trail. As the great Star watched it became obvious that it had been fashioned into a Torch, and was passed along from one heart who needed it to another.

A smile came to the lovely countenance of the Star and she murmured, "Ah, the Master will not be displeased. They seek the good, the true and beautiful and with my Torch they shall succeed."

The Great Shepherd of the stars smiled too. It had been His idea all the time.


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