The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

Five Kinds of Friends

 Drop a pebble into the still water of a quiet pond. Circles radiate from the point of impact.

1) Acquaintances
Farthest from the point of impact are acquaintances. These are people we see for a time, and then quickly pass out of mind, just like the ring from the pebble. People you work with, neighbors down the street, members of a club you meet with once in awhile ...
2) Situational
The fourth circle out is situational friends. These are people who share the same interests or tasks, like hobbies - sports, work, volunteer activities. You see them on a regular basis but have no other connections with them.
3) Sentimental
In the middle circle are the sentimental friends. These people have been close associates of years gone past -- special friends with whom you shared adolescence, college days, first home, new family and have since moved away, losing contact with them except for holiday greetings. They last forever and make contact if there is celebration or trouble. They weather time and change ...
4) Special
Found closest to the point of impact, these are people who are committed to you and you to them. They give support to you as well as receive it from you. When you commit yourself, you promise to be around when needed. You are willing to give that person an important part in your life. These people save our lives in time of crisis - help us cope with change in our lives and stress, sickness, death. They are our most important resource for emotional and spiritual stability during these periods ...
5) Heart-to-Heart, Soul-to-Soul
These are the friends at the point of impact. They know us, understand us, accept us, love us as we really are. A heart-to-heart friend sees the inside and gives us freedom to be who we really are. They are a source of Love, Encouragement and Understanding. They are Beta Sigma Phi Sisters!

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