The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross

A Good Beta Sigma Phi


Carries through any responsibility she has accepted.

Expresses her thoughts and opinions at the meeting.

Practices the six virtues:


Never dominates! She never considers herself the hub, but realizes she is one of the spokes of the wheel.

Is always free with praise for anything well done - a clever party, a good program, an original idea - anything that is praiseworthy.

Always introduces herself and expresses her enjoyment to outside speakers.

Always introduces herself to guests.

Avoids whispering, the discussion of personal matters and anything that distracts during the cultural program or business meeting.

Never smokes during a ritual and takes care not to offend non-smokers.

Always bids her hostess good night after helping with general clean-up.

Is not sensitive and realizes that if her idea is not favored, it is not a personal insult to her.

Realizes the wisdom of discussing with tolerance and understanding any situation that may arise.

Is a good secret sister.

Will never do or say anything intentionally which might hurt or offend a sister.

Puts herself in the position of the listener when preparing her program.

Is enthusiastic about sorority and its activities.

Appreciates the good personality traits of her sisters.


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