The Strawberry Patch

Enrichment and Inspiration for Beta Sigma Phi Sisters from Marilyn Ross


When Mr. Ross was registering BETA SIGMA PHI as an International organization he knew that he would have to register one jewel and he had chosen the Pearl. When the time came, he found that he needed a secondary jewel and as he said, "Off the top of my head, I chose the Diamond."

Years later Lynn Terry (author of our Rituals) thought differently. She said, "You see, there are no accidents. Things are all part of a plan, if we just wait to see them unfold. Both jewels are white light. The Pearl absorbs it--the Diamond gives it off. When Beta Sigma Phis are new they are learning, absorbing the white light of learning. But later, there comes a time when a member must progress--she must become a way-shower--an Exemplar. When that time comes she wears a Diamond which gives off light."

So--all you Exemplars--now you know why you wear a Diamond. And let those of us who do--and have--never forget. . .


When a member in your chapter progresses to the Exemplar degree, printout this information about the Exemplar Diamond for her. Better yet, You could print it on heavier cardstock, back it with gold paper and glue a craft pearl and diamond on it to add a little flair!

A great accompaniment to this piece is ' The Jewel Is You ' by Ora Capelli. (It is listed in The Strawberry Patch index.) Print it out, roll up and tie with gold and white ribbons. Present it with the card about the pearl and diamond.

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