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How to Contact a Transferee

 As Vice President, you are a very important member of your chapter. You hold a responsible position.
 You are the hostess for your chapter.
 You coordinate rushing activities and pledge training.
 You are also responsible for contacting each transferee and inviting her to attend a chapter function.

 You are very busy, but the rewards of your office to you and your chapter are unlimited!

 "Instant friendship", as many members call the privilege of transferring, is unique to Beta Sigma Phi. If you have ever moved and transferred your membership, you realize how important it is to contact each transferee that moves to your community.


A: _____ Yes _____ No If not, why? _________________________

 If your chapter is active in City Council, your council rep is responsible for getting the names and addresses of transferees at the council meetings (There should be an up-dated list each month and it is to be placed in each chapter's folder at those monthly council meetings). Your council rep is to give you, the chapter VP, the list from city council at your chapter meeting.

 The International Office sends to the council all the information (including husband's name, address, phone # IF they have it!) they receive from the member who is moving to your community. If you don't have a phone number and cannot get it from directory assistance, WRITE HER A SHORT NOTE. Include your phone number in case she wants to contact you.

 Most of all MAKE HER FEEL WELCOME! Let her know how happy you and your chapter are that she moved to the area and that you are looking forward to meeting her. She is, after all, a Beta Sigma Phi and YOUR SISTER!

 This depends on:
 1 - your chapter's planned activities
 2 - the size of your community
 3 - the number of transferees moving into the area

Basic Guidelines include the following:
 1. Always arrange a ride for the transferee guest. She may be unfamiliar with your area and she may not like driving at night in strange surroundings.
 2. Invite her to your chapter meeting.
 3. Invite the transferee and her significant other to a chapter social.
 4. When you have a transferee guest, whether at a meeting or social, always make sure she is not excluded from whatever is going on. Do not talk about activities or social that you are not planning to invite her to. Include her in the conversation so you can discover what chapter activities she enjoys and what jobs and committees she like's working on.
 5. Wear nametags! It's easy for your chapter members to remember her name but it is much harder for a transferee to try to remember all your members' names.
 6. If you can't be, appoint a personal chapter hostess for the transferee whenever she attends so she will never feel alone or left out.
 7. Explain your chapter traditions and tell her about your chapter's plans and projects. Ask her opinions and ideas.
 8. Thank her for attending and make her feel special!
 9. Follow up! Call her again and invite her to your next meeting. Tell her how much the chapter enjoyed meeting her and that you are looking forward to seeing her again. Write her a note and ask others in your chapter to do so. Think how this will make her feel!

  • City Council sponsored Transferee Tea, reception, or get-together. Each chapter in council should be represented.
    If done by a chapter, a majority, if not all chapter members should be present.

  • All chapter Presidents take transferees out to lunch (or dinner) to become acquainted. VP's could do this, too!

  • Visit each transferee in person and give her a yellow rose to remember you and your chapter by.

  • Prepare a special booklet to give to each transferee. It contains information on each chapter, such as meeting nights and time, general area in which members live, officer names, addresses, phone #'s, etc. (Council's Membership Committee [chaired by the 1st VP] does this.) Chapters can do and are encouraged to do this on a chapter level. Present each transferee with a booklet of information especially about your chapter. Again, Membership Committee [chaired by chapter VP] does this.

There are many ways to welcome a transferee! Be creative and have fun!

 As stated in the book of Beta Sigma Phi, the chapter has the privilege of voting on the transferee's invitation to your chapter.

Remember ... to send notification to the International Office when a transferee affiliates with your chapter!

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