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We Remember Lynn Terry
From the December 1980 issue of The Torch following her death in September 1980

Mrs. Lynn Terry

 "Life is lord of death".

 Lynn Terry wrote these words, and so many others, during the years she served as Vice President of the International Executive Council of Beta Sigma Phi. A woman with creative flair and energy, she made great contributions to many parts of our organization. She was instrumental in forming many of the first chapters of Beta Sigma Phi, and in forming the ideals and ideas on which we have patterned our sorority.

 Lynn refined our Pledge Ritual, and authored the Ritual of Jewels and Exemplar Rituals, chapter meeting Opening and Closing Rituals, Order of the Rose Ritual and the Convention Closing Ritual of Beta Sigma Phi. She created many original programs for our members to study, including "Conduct, Expression and Purpose"; "Beauty"; "Paths to Loveliness"; "Happiness"; "Written in Our Hearts"; "In Word, Deed and Thought"; "Life, Learning and Friendship"; and "Festival of Life".

 Lynn founded Nu Phi Mu, and designed a place in our sorority for young women under 21. She also wrote two books that are still being read and enjoyed by members and their families today. The Living Masterpiece is a collection of essays; "The Stars Shine Through", a book designed to comfort the bereaved. Lynn dedicated "The Stars Shine Through" to "those loved ones who, through the mystery of death, have become our own forever."

 Lynn Terry passed away September 30, 1980. But her vitality and inspiration live on in the words she has shared with Beta Sigma Phi. To borrow from one our rituals she wrote, "Her light shall not go out forever."

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