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About the Irish ...

The expression 'Fighting Irish' goes far back in history to when the Irish honored warriors in their culture. The expression came to the United States due to the large number of Irish soldiers who fought with George Washington. (The estimates range from a third to a half of his regular troops.) It is not surprising that Notre Dame University adopted the name 'The Fighting Irish' for their football team.

'The luck of the Irish' came from many examples. One goes back to Leadville Johnny Brown and his wife, the Unsinkable Molly. One day, by mistake, Johnny burned a small fortune In paper money. A short time later he discovered one of the richest iron ore mines in Colorado history. He called it 'The luck of the Irish.'

His wife, who survived the sinking of the Titanic (approximately 1,500 drowned in that disaster), attributed her good fortune to 'Irish luck.'

The Irish are a flamboyant and irrepressible people who enjoy celebrating life. They have added much to American culture. Bless them!

Irish are huggable. Irish dream in green.
Irish know the importance of cuddling to keep warm.
Irish believe in impossible things just long enough
to make them come trust
Irish invented rosy cheeks, giggles and being stubborn.
Irish see fairies and leprechauns when no one else doses.
Irish wear freckles where angels have kissed them.
Irish sing songs when they're happy and then sing them even
louder when they're sad.
Irish dance dangerous jigs and write passionate poetry
and can tell the most magical stories of all.
Irish have the biggest welcome mats in all the world and miss you
the most when you're away.
Irish are the guardians of the little bit of heaven that once
fell very gently from the sky ...


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