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Twelve Golden Threads of Basic Beta Sigma Phi


A - 9th Golden Thread

Attributes . . .

Each of our six jeweled attributes are rich in meaning. They add color, texture, variety and depth to our quilt.

Courage is . . . a 3-letter word. It's the "YES" we say to Life!

Vision . . . is our faith -- in mankind, each other and ourselves!

Humility . . . symbolizes our recognition of and appreciation for others. It reminds us not to seek personal aggrandizement

Loyalty . . . what glues us together! It's when we stand up for, stand by, and stand with one another.

Fellowship . . . Friendship is, of all things, what is most sought after. The friendship of a Beta Sigma Phi sister is warm and enduring. YOU are the kind of friend the whole world wants & needs!

Service . . . teaches us that it is in serving others that the love of self is forgotten. It is our gift to life!

These six virtues distinguish us and are inspiring lessons we learn on our journey to what is Good. True and Beautiful. They are basic to what we are, what we stand for . . . what we contribute to life! Our attributes, the jewels of our Sisterhood give richness and character to our Friendship quilt!

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   Twelve Golden Threads of Basic Beta Sigma Phi
   B -- 1st Golden Thread - - Business Meetings
   E -- 2nd Golden Thread - - Electing the Right People to the Right Office
   T -- 3rd Golden Thread - - Traditions
   A -- 4th Golden Thread - - Attitude
   S -- 5th Golden Thread - - Sisters
   I -- 6th Golden Thread - - Intellectual Attributes ... Programs
   G -- 7th Golden Thread - - Graciousness
   M -- 8th Golden Thread - - Membership
   A -- 9th Golden Thread - - Attributes
   P -- 10th Golden Thread - - Participation
   H -- 11th Golden Thread - - Heads, Hands & Hearts
   I -- 12th Golden Thread - - Invitation to Life

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