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Twelve Golden Threads of Basic Beta Sigma Phi


H - 11th Golden Thread

Heads, Hands & Hearts . . .

I have fond recollections of my grandmother quilting as I was growing up. I remember how she used to study different designs and patterns; how she would shop for fabric, looking for just the right complimentary colors and how with arthritic fingers, she would hand-stitch day after day, pouring her heart and soul into her beautiful quilts. All quilters do that. Their quilts become part of them, and they become part of their quilts. And, so it is for us in Beta Sigma Phi.

There are numerous anecdotes of using our heads, hands & hearts Beta Sigma Phi. You know them well. Basic to Beta Sigma Phi is our handshake. It provides warmth & friendliness.

Hazel Block, who was a long time staff member and my Division Chairman for many years, always greeted me with our handshake. I was so impressed the first time she did that! So. I borrow her example when greeting Sisters wherever we go. She explained to me that that is how we SHOULD greet one another -- as Sisters in Beta Sigma Phi. It means something! Our handshake means, "I AM THY SISTER."

True Story. A young member in the KC area was hostessing her chapter's meeting one night. She took off work that day to get things ready. As she was preparing for the meeting, she realized she would have to go-to-the-store to get something she needed. She threw on a pair of jeans and a Beta Sigma Phi t-shirt, then drove to the shopping center. She ran her errand, went back to her car, turned the ignition, backed up -- into another car! Fortunately, no one was hurt, but there was a HUGE dent in the other car. She looked out her rear-view mirror and knew she was in MAJOR TROUBLE as the woman driving the other car looked very mad and upset' The young woman got out of her car [in tears by now] and walked over to the other car. She proceeded to apologize, explaining this accident was totally her fault. She accepted complete responsibility and said had no excuse except that she would be hostessing a special meeting in her home tonight FOR THE FIRST TIME and she was preoccupied thinking about it, not watching what was behind her. She apologized profusely and made sure the woman in the other car was okay. She said she had the sense to remember to exchange insurance information and so forth.

The young member said she noticed that the more she talked, the more the demeanor of the other driver changed. She had also noticed the woman driving the other car had been looking at her Beta Sigma Phi t-shirt. Finally, the other woman smiled, extended her hand in Friendship and as she gave the Beta Sigma Phi handshake said, "It's okay honey, I understand. I AM THY SISTER!"

A Beta Sigma Phi t-shirt with a yellow rose on it. the handshake -- you never know when it will make a BIG difference!!!!!!!!

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