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Party Plans in the Strawberry Patch
A Garden Party | An old-fashioned Chocolate Party |In the Good Ole Summertime | It's Tea Time! | Mexican Fiesta | Party Ideas From Our Chapters | Spa Party | The Beta Sigma Phi Circus is Coming to Town! | Toga Party | Take Me Out to the Ball Game | Bear Necessities | Shang-hai| St. Patrick's | Mardi Gras Coming This Fall! Wish Upon a Star

"The Beta Sigma Phi Friendship Network" Additions to the Patch for Fall 2006:
  • A Husband's Point of View
  • An Envoy Ritual
  • Envoy Facts
  • Envoy Club International
  • A Brief Overview of Degrees of Beta Sigma Phi
  • Beta Sigma Phi Grace - Updated
  • Chapter interest Indicators and Checklist
  • Checklist for Rushing City Councils Elections
  • Enthusiasm
  • Founder's Columns I
  • Founder's Columns II
  • Golden Circle Checklist
  • How to Preserve A Husband
  • Officers Guides - Treasurer
  • Recommendations for Your City Council
  • Suggested Bylaws for a Beta Sigma Phi City Council
  • Suggested City Council Activities