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Twelve Golden Threads of Basic Beta Sigma Phi


I - 6th Golden Thread

Intellectual attributes . . . Programs

The entire idea of having specific programs in Beta Sigma Phi was to provide us with an opportunity to extend our education, broaden our horizons! Am sure you'll agree it helps us learn poise speaking in front of a group. Conducting a program builds confidence. All that we learn through the years assures us of quilting a Masterpiece! It is yet another avenue for translating the Good, True and Beautiful, working them into our lives. Our programs are BASIC BETA SIGMA PHI. Our program books and outlines through the years have been a characteristic exclusive to our organization, something that made us unique. And so it does today.

The most important part of our chapter meeting is the program!

Not enough planning, preparation and expansion of programs can create a lack of interest in our chapters. Members will find better, more absorbing things to do if our programs are not interesting, or not the best we can do! Presenting interesting programs is so-o-o-o important to do right! SKY IS THE LIMIT, REGARDLESS OF YOUR DEGREE! Have fun! Enjoy learning something new, then share it with others! It is enriching & rewarding. Or, talk about what you know! We all think differently and it's great mind exercise to stretch and understand another's perspective.

Andi Richardson a member from Covington, LA wrote in a letter:

"...I had been scared to death to give a program! What would I say, what would interest my sisters? I took the suggestion given [something I knew about] and talked about my home state. Not only were they interested but they told me how much they enjoyed the program! Well, you can't stop me from giving programs now!"

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