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Twelve Golden Threads of Basic Beta Sigma Phi


I - 12th Golden Thread

INVITATION to Life . . .

That is the name of our pledge manual. But there is so much more to Invitation to Life!

An INVITATION TO LIFE is... basic Beta Sigma Phi. When we were offered a bid to membership, to join in the ranks of Sisterhood, we were offered our own INVITATION TO LIFE. What is really meant by that phrase?

Simply to take hold of the best that life has to offer, to explore the riches of many minds, including our own, to experience the warmth of enduring friendships.

In our motto, "Life, Learning, Friendship," LIFE has pride of place, because without it there would be nothing else. Life leads us to all that is Good, True and Beautiful.

Most of us feel at some point, that we want a little more of something -- a little more happiness, a little more knowledge, a little more friendship demonstrated in daily life. This is the year, as we start to cross over into the 21st century. we should see to it that we get what we want, and more important, that we pass on some of this richness to others. The hand outstretched to give is in the best - indeed the only -- position to receive.

Our INVITATION TO LIFE is like a spool of thread. As we quilt we must continue to unwind it. Every thread represents an important aspect that is BASIC TO BETA SIGMA PHI. How we use our 'golden threads' will ultimately determine the meaning & success of our lives as members.

Grama's ultimate legacy was that she stitched with a Golden Needle of Love. That was her one simple rule making everything a success. It never failed. How could it? We, too, have access to that Golden Needle of Love. It is called . . . Friendship. And so, let us stitch our quilt of Friendship with our own Golden Needle of Love knowing that . .

If we wipe a tear from a weeping eye
Or lighten a heavy load:
If we help someone who has lost her way
Back to life's busy road.
If we never say. "We can't, We can't," but always say, "We'll try..."
Then that's when we've transmuted dust into stardust . . .
That's when we are BETA SIGMA PHI!

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   Twelve Golden Threads of Basic Beta Sigma Phi
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   I -- 12th Golden Thread - - Invitation to Life

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