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Twelve Golden Threads of Basic Beta Sigma Phi


April 10, 1999

Address given by Marilyn Ross

Requested topic: Basic Beta Sigma Phi


Some time ago I ran across a novel written by Aliske Webb entitled TWELVE GOLDEN THREADS. It's the story of a family of strong women and their journey through the quilt of life. In it 'Grama' teaches her granddaughters how to quilt and at the same time passes on her 'golden threads of successful living.' For them, the simple lessons in the art of quilting became a profound metaphor for stitching together the fabric of their lives.

Twelve Golden Threads made me think of a verse I saw on a greeting card: "Friendship is the golden thread that ties the hearts of the whole world together".. which made me think of Beta Sigma Phi. Thinking more, I happened to realize that

BETA SIGMA PHI just happens to be composed of 12 letters!

So, to creatively present Back To The Basics of Beta Sigma Phi to you. I'm borrowing Grama's idea. The book's Grama as well as my own! Grama in the book shared her Twelve Golden Threads of successful living. My own Grandma made quilts, one I brought to share as colorful inspiration.

Grama's basic belief was that every step in making a quilt is a metaphor for what we need to do in life. So it is with the Twelve Golden Threads of Basic Beta Sigma Phi.

The stronger the thread, the stronger the fabric, the better the quilt will be!

Every thread represented by a letter in Beta Sigma Phi represents an important aspect that is basic to Beta Sigma Phi. How we use them ultimately determines the meaning, enjoyment & success of our lives as members.

I invite you to now use the metaphor of the quilt -- thinking of your own chapter as a beautiful quilt, each member a colorful piece.

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   Twelve Golden Threads of Basic Beta Sigma Phi
   B -- 1st Golden Thread - - Business Meetings
   E -- 2nd Golden Thread - - Electing the Right People to the Right Office
   T -- 3rd Golden Thread - - Traditions
   A -- 4th Golden Thread - - Attitude
   S -- 5th Golden Thread - - Sisters
   I -- 6th Golden Thread - - Intellectual Attributes ... Programs
   G -- 7th Golden Thread - - Graciousness
   M -- 8th Golden Thread - - Membership
   A -- 9th Golden Thread - - Attributes
   P -- 10th Golden Thread - - Participation
   H -- 11th Golden Thread - - Heads, Hands & Hearts
   I -- 12th Golden Thread - - Invitation to Life

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